Mixed Impressions

“So, this is where the magic happens,” said a guest upon seeing my office for the first time.

I agreed, because I knew this was meant as a compliment about my writing.  Even then, though, I was thinking how, weirdly enough, my office is where the least magical part of my story creation is likely to happen.  My office, my desk, my computer, are just where the stories get written down.

Well, most of the time.  Actually, a lot of my stories start out handwritten because, as I’ve mentioned before, there seems to be a more direct channel between my imagination and a form of transcription when pen and paper is involved.

Where does the magic happen?

On the edge of falling asleep.  In the shower.  When weeding the garden.  Cooking.  Washing dishes.  Folding clothes.  Doing something crafty.  In the middle of a conversation, when something said sparks an idea…

I rarely have a magical creative moment when staring at the computer screen, willing myself to write.  On the other hand, I do set myself goals when working on a project.  An artistically poised dilletante is definitely not how I see myself.  I’m proud of the fact that I make deadlines, and that I work hard to make sure that I do.

Does this give you a mixed impression of what it’s like to be the writer that’s me?  If so, perfect!  I am nothing if not a suite of contradictions that come together to create stories.

I’m curious.  Where do your “magical moments” happen?  I’m definitely not restricting this to writing.  They might be related to some other art.  Or even something to do with your job or the classes you’re taking.  Inspiration belongs to all of us.

Oh!  The associated photo is of a goldfinch among the Russian Sage in our yard.  I thought the mingling of tiny bird and even more minute flowers had a definite impressionist feel.


3 Responses to “Mixed Impressions”

  1. Teo Says:

    My magic comments happen when I’m creating software, in the act of coding itself. Going from original concept of what I want to add or change, and then evolving, and evolving. Back up, do over. Clever breakthroughs happen. As I wrestle with my medium, the magic happens.

    While I do have inspirational moments at random moments doing things that are totally unrelated, those are usually just a spark that I have to then really get my hands dirty to make real. Or find that it was a silly idea, and abandon it. You never really know until you’re up to your armpits in code!

  2. anevergreen Says:

    That sounds similar to how it works for me. Writing by hand definitely works better for drafting, especially when I get stuck.

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