Surreal Real

Real Fish

Social media is notorious for reducing everything to lists and absolutisms.  You’ve probably noticed I don’t tend to contribute to lists of “bests” or “worsts” or “favorites.”  Nothing against them, but basically, this is not how my brain works.

Even when I was small, I was called out for not seeing the world according to the prescribed patterns.  For me the sky wasn’t “up there,” but something I knew came all the way down to the horizon.  Water wasn’t clear or blue, it could be green or, especially at sunset, red and purple.

Maybe this is why I gravitated first to mythology and folklore, then to SF/F.

Take the picture of the fish I’ve included above.  That’s as “real” a view of a fish as any, but many people would immediately see it as “out of focus” or “blurred.”  But living water is rarely still, and so I could validly argue that its more real, not less, to see fish in less than crisp focus.

I guess my reality is accepting the surreality is part of reality.

That dogs and cats can get along just fine, and if they fight like cats and dogs, there’s probably a good reason.

That the cat sleeping on my pillow is really there, not standoffish, aloof, uncaring, waiting upon servants, as I am repeatedly told cats “are.”

That a “dry heat” is still darned hot when temperatures reach above 100.

All that and more…  I like my surreal reality.


9 Responses to “Surreal Real”

  1. nola94 Says:

    I love this photo, as my working world demands a very busy life with sharp linearity; when I have downtime, I prefer to live a life out-of-focus. Thanks for the picture and the thoughts.

  2. futurespastsite Says:

    I was blessed early on with friends who gave me “unrealistic” books to read (once I could). Wouldn’t trade those literary experiences for anything.

  3. Beverly Martin Says:

    Very good! I agree that absolute reality is rarely, if ever, concrete. I appreciate that you are observant and creative in many areas. I will happily read your musings!

  4. HelixRook Says:

    Don’t tell me 118° isn’t too terrible because it’s “dry.” I can still die from heat exhaustion! But I do always find it fascinating how people view the world and how their experiences help shape the way they look at things. It’s one of the many, many, many things my brain dwells on, most typically when I’m trying to sleep. But it’s fascinating all the same.

    • janelindskold Says:

      Yeah… I have friends “back East” who are complaining about high eighties. Yesterday, Jim and I were celebrating that it “only” got to 99.

      • HelixRook Says:

        I would love 99°! Definitely would love 80°. But a nice clear 60° is what I really want. If my job was available as either Work From Home or allowed me to travel more, I’d move either more north or somewhere that actually receives 4 season.

        For now, I resign myself to the heat, the traffic, and the massive influx of humans who are swarming here as if the world is collapsing and this place is the last civilized hub of humanity.

  5. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    Oh yes! I’m with you. Who says what we see isn’t “real”? There is magic all around us every single day if we have the eyes to see it.

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