My Quiet Week

Roary Rests For Both of Us!

This was supposed to be my quiet week.  Last week was “Crazy Week Catching Up” after writing the Over Where short story, “Fire-Bright Rain.”  The previous week and a bit was taken up with getting the short story written.

So, as I said, this was supposed to be my quiet week.  Not a week doing nothing, but a week where I could focus on resolving the various and sundry leftover jobs, maybe even venture back into working on the novel I’d been writing.

But Monday started with the copy-edited manuscript of the Over Where novel Aurora Borealis Bridge, the sequel to Library of the Sapphire Wind, showing up in my in-box.  Mind you, I’d more or less expected this to happen sometime soon, because mid-September was when the copy-edited manuscript of Library of the Sapphire Wind made its appearance.

Library of the Sapphire Wind is a February 2022 release, and Aurora Borealis Bridge comes out in April 2022.  Two months apart… and that means the production stuff is also going to happen two months apart.

So, it’s not going to be a quiet week, but it will be an interesting one as I re-immerse myself in a book featuring characters and settings I like quite a lot.

Is this the final stage?  No.  There will still be page proofs to do.  Given how the production schedule has been working out, I’ll probably be doing those in the middle of the holiday season.

Do I mind?  Not really.  Having been a professional writer since 1994, I mind a lot more when something gets dropped on me without warning with the request that I return it by the end of the week.  Production scheduling is being handled well.  I’ll just need to set my other plans around getting the job done.

And, who knows?  Maybe somewhere in there, I’ll actually find time to write something new.

Oh… and if you’re curious about these books, they’re already posted for pre-order at various e-tailer sites, so you can get a sneak peek.  I’m going to save babbling about them in greater detail for January, when you and I both will be relaxing after the holidays.


3 Responses to “My Quiet Week”

  1. Louis Robinson Says:

    And for those who can’t wait to start Library, and can stand the stress of month-long gaps in their enjoyment, the first half is now available in the serial-format e-book bundle on

    Just sayin’ 😉

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