Wrapping Up

Lizard Dressed Up for the Holidays

At the end of last week, I turned in the page proofs for Aurora Borealis Bridge, the sequel to Library of the Sapphire Wind.  They’ll be out early next year, in February and April. 

With that job wrapped up, I took a look at the calendar and launched into all the neglected holiday preparations.  Jim and I don’t live near to any of our families, so getting gift packages in the mail is the first thing.  Next comes the Christmas letter.  That’s my department.  We do the cards together, usually to the accompaniment of appropriate music.

Jim’s been putting up decorations, a few at a time, which is nice, since it gives us a chance to savor them.  We haven’t yet put up the tree, but when we do, it will go up with no decorations other than the lights (it’s a pre-lit sort), so that we can find out what the cats will think of it.

Last year, they pretty much ignored it, but we like to give them a chance to try and knock it over before adding decorations.

My first cat and my first “on my own” Christmas tree happened the same year, so most of our decorations are of the more or less unbreakable type.  I say “more or less” because cats will always surprise you.

Breakable decorations are hung on a garland high up on the walls.  It works.

We’ll also be starting the baking this week.  We make a lot of cookies, some of which are fairly time-consuming, but it’s fun.  Nothing on earth could make me do this if it wasn’t.

This year, my mom’s coming to stay with us for Christmas.  Having a stranger in the house for more than a handful of hours will be a Major Event for Mei-Ling and Roary, neither of whom has ever had to deal with such, and both of whom tend to deal with guests by keeping their distance.  I have no idea how they will cope.  Stay tuned.

I have a few jobs to finish up, but after an incredibly intense year, where I pretty much went from job to job to job, I am trying to convince myself that a little downtime has been earned.  Even so, I’ll be working, because a writer really never stops.  There’s always creative thought going on. 

I hope this finds all of you well…  Now, maybe it’s time to put on some holiday music.

5 Responses to “Wrapping Up”

  1. Susan Says:

    I so very much enjoy what you write about each week, thank you for sharing your life, todays column was especially a treat to read; enjoy seeing your pet pictures too. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wished for you and yours.

  2. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    My current cats ignore the tree, but I had a tinsel eater in the past. Luckily I saw him doing it and tinsel has been banned since.

    Our biggest problem is Zeus aka Dogzilla and the Tail of Destruction. The lower half of our tree is lights only😂😂

  3. dbarandlou Says:

    I haven’t had a tree for nearly 50 years — that’s how long I have had cats.

    The lizard is gorgeous — isn’t wired ribbon a blessing?

    I so enjoy reading your posts — you have introduced me to several authors that I have emjpoyed immensely.

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