And Roary Up in the Tree

Stealth Roary

The tree has stayed standing to this point, although Roary has been up in it repeatedly.  Putting on ornaments definitely helped, since they were placed to block inviting openings.

Thus far, Persephone has been viewing the tree with the calm insouciance of a nearly ten-year-old cat who has seen it all.  Shy girl Mei-Ling thinks that it’s terrific that we’ve decided to give her a new place to sit under and feel safe.  She carries her treats onto the tree skirt to dine in secure comfort.

Since the tree is artificial, Dandy and Coco, the guinea pigs, have no opinion.  They would prefer we made a tree out of kale with a celery stalk trunk, and ornaments cut from various vegetables.  Carrot strips could serve as garland.

I made a lot of cookies this past week.  I’m shooting for a total of ten: cookie press butter, butter and walnut balls, pecan/maple, sugar, gingerbread, hermits, fudge, meringues, sesame balls, and…  I’m forgetting the last one…. Got it!  Linzer tarts.

The sugar cookies and gingerbread will be decorated in stages.  It’s more fun that way than doing a marathon.  My collection of cookie cutters is wildly varied, so in addition to the more usual trees, wreathes, stars, bells, reindeer and the like, we have buffalo, bears, rhinoceros, stegosaurus, rocket ships, and, of course, wolves and coyotes.  And cats and guinea pigs.  Can’t forget the cats and guinea pigs.

It occurs to me that I make cookies the same way I write: a lot of variety, not one type of cookie, or theme or motif.  Variety definitely fuels my creativity.

Now to go put jam between the layers of the Linzer tarts.  Last year I used cactus pear, the year before, raspberry.  This year will be cherry.  All three red, all three different.

May these crazy days leading up to the Christmas weekend be filled with fun for you, whether you’re travelling or home, being a guest or having guests, or simply enjoying some peace and quiet!


10 Responses to “And Roary Up in the Tree”

  1. @JayDzed Says:

    Well bless his fuzzy little head.

    I’m glad that Persephone is amused and that Mei-Ling has found more safety.

    They sound a lot like my pair of Tuxedo girls, Mouse Plush!Puss, who is only a few months shy of her 11th birthday, and Sumi Tiny!Cat, who even after years of care, protection and gentle love is still so very skittish and easily frightened. (And still only 3kg at almost 10 years of age.)

  2. Alan+Allinger Says:

    .Your cookies sound like quite the treat! Merry Christmas to you and all of yours, Jane.

  3. Dawn Barela Says:

    I love this photo of Roary!! It would make an awesome Christmas card!! All of the cookies sound wonderful. I love all of the non traditional shapes!! I am making chocolate chip cookies on Christmas Eve at Mike’s and then going to look at lights. For Christmas Day, we are making french toast at Mike’s and probably opening presents. Have a Fabulous Christmas!!

  4. Harried Harry Says:

    When we had cats they loved to climb the Christmas tree. They were always very happy to knock the decorations down to the floor and then play with them. They have been gone for awhile but we now have dogs who don’t care about the tree. As long as we don’t block their view outside.

    Happy Solstice, Merry Festifus, and Merry Christmas to all. Have a safe holiday and remember, enjoy the cookies and pies now since the calories you gain will depart next week at the end of the year.

  5. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    If you ever need an Official Cookie Taster, I volunteer🙋🏼‍♀️😉

    Roary looks like he thinks he’s in trouble, but he sure is cute! He’s doing so great! No sign of his troubled start😻

    Merry Happy to you, Jim, your Mom, the critters and all your dear ones! 🎄✨💌

  6. dbarandlou Says:

    I always love reading the list of books you like. I have just put a hold on the language book.

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