Ice Skating Flickers

Ice Breaker

Jim and I have a tiny pond in our backyard.   This time of year, it tends to freeze. The other morning, I glanced out in time to see one of our two resident flickers hop down onto the ice, slide and nearly fall over, then flutter up and to the side.  A moment later, it hopped down again, and again nearly tumbled over.

Back at the edge, it tilted its head, thoughtfully studied the ice, then hopped down again, this time gracefully sliding across the ice to its evident delight.  How do I know it was delighted?  It repeated the performance several times, gaining style points with each repetition.

Only then did it go to where there were openings in the ice and get its delayed drink.  Delightful!

I have a few treats for you, if less weird than ice skating woodpeckers, then at least more accessible.

As some of you already know, I learned last Wednesday that my short story, “Fire-Bright Rain,” a prequel to my forthcoming novels Library of the Sapphire Wind (February 1) and Aurora Borealis Bridge (April 1) is available now, for free, here.

“Fire-Bright Rain” is set about twenty-five years earlier than the novels, and does provide a minor spoiler to the novel…  Minor in that it will reveal something that you learn within the first chapter or so of Library of the Sapphire Wind.  There is no crossover of characters, or spoilers for major situations, so you can read without fear, and just enjoy a look at a new world.

Also…  sneak peek at the opening section of Library of the Sapphire Wind is available here.  The entire novel is officially due for release on February 1, but is available for pre-order in both trade paperback and e-book at most of the booksellers of your choice.

But just because I have a new book coming out doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working.  Last week, I spent much of my time working on the new e-book edition of Child of a Rainless Year, a standalone novel of mine from 2005.  When working on that got to be too much, I worked on catching up on a mountain of office chores that I hadn’t kept up with because I’ve been doing production work on my three forthcoming books.

Now Child of a Rainless Year is off to production, the mountain is somewhat reduced, and this week I’ll see about alternating more office stuff with sending love letters to my Muse, telling her that I really didn’t mean to ignore her, and might she like to come back and play.

I have a story or two I’d love to write!

2 Responses to “Ice Skating Flickers”

  1. Harried Harry Says:

    Very nice to have flickers visit. They are much nicer than the squirrels who are “visiting” me. I’m working on harvesting my pecans but the rain last night made mud of the dry areas.

    I know you listen to a lot of books. My question is what is your favorite way of listening to them? I’m computer literate but not audio literate. I like to listen to stories when I’m working outside but it’s hard to carry my radio outside to a place where I can hear it. Enjoy your day.

    • janelindskold Says:

      Currently, I have a base station in my kitchen to which I can hook an MP3 player, so I don’t need to mess with earphones/buds/plugs. I wouldn’t mind a more portable station, for when I’m doing chores, but have been too lazy to look.

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