Silver That’s Gold

Mei-Ling Laughs

The last thing I expected to receive as a 25th wedding anniversary gift was a new folklorish tidbit.  It happened this way.  Sunday night, I mentioned to my gamers that Tuesday would be Jim and my 25th wedding anniversary.

“Twenty-fifth on the twenty-fifth,” said Melissa cheerfully.  “That makes it gold.”

I was confused.  “Gold is fifty.  I’m not sure we’ll get there, given we’re not exactly young.  That’s why I’m unreasonably excited about this one.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Melissa replied with a slight shake of her head, speaking with a quiet confidence that I’m sure her patients (she’s a dentist) find very reassuring.  “Gold is when the number of years matches the date on the calendar.  So your ‘gold’ only happens once.  I’ve heard of it for birthdays, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit for anniversaries, too.”

Jim and I decided we liked that, so yesterday we celebrated our Silver-Gold anniversary.  Good thing, too, since he would have been one for his “gold” birthday, and I would have been fifteen for mine, so we couldn’t have taken advantage of this rather nifty tradition anytime in the future.

Silver and gold.  Not bad.  Not bad at all…

6 Responses to “Silver That’s Gold”

  1. James Mendur Says:


  2. Dame Trouble Says:

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  3. nola94 Says:

    Congratulations, and Happy Anniversary to you both, Jane! The silver anniversary is a sweet milestone, and having it fall in a “golden” year is pretty cool. I hope you have an opportunity to celebrate suitably.

    Best, Alan

    It is I.


  4. Harried Harry Says:

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary to both of you. Enjoy the winter time. Enjoying a sweet 25th is always to be commemorated. These “special” dates are always to be treasured.

  5. Dawn Barela Says:

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to both of you!! That is wonderful.

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