Wanna Guess?

Persephone Prepares to Inscribe Her Guess

Want to guess what’s my least favorite part about being a professional writer?

I’ll wait.  Write your guess down.  Now read on…

Basically, I love my writer’s life.  I love telling stories.  I don’t even mind doing edits or proofs.  You can’t beat the dress code or the commute. 

What does make me curl my toes is self-promotion.  I don’t mind chatting with readers.  Actually, that can be a lot of fun.  I don’t mind signing books.  Or doing panels and readings at conventions.  What I do mind is talking into a vacuum about my work.

That’s why it’s incredibly nice when other people step in and help me with the process.

This week, I have links for you to three different interviews, in three different formats.

For those of you who like watching podcasts, here’s a link to a chat I had with David Butler about my new release, Library of the Sapphire Wind.  This is one of the best interviews I’ve done recently, because David Butler not only read the book in advance (you don’t know how rare that is), but he came up with thoughtful and intelligent questions that I could answer while providing the minimum of spoilers.

For those of you who like audio, here’s a link to the same podcast, audio only.  You don’t get a glimpse of Goliath, the carousel horse who resides in my living room, but you can listen even if you don’t have screen time.

Finally, for those of you who like print interviews, a few weeks ago, I did one with the lively Angelique Fawns for the website Horror Tree.  The emphasis on this interview was how I manage my work day.  Hidden in the answers is some personal stuff about what has shaped my priorities over the years.

In a few weeks, David Butler and I will be talking again about the forthcoming sequel to Library of the Sapphire Wind, Aurora Borealis Bridge.  I’ll make sure to post the links to that as well.

If you’re the sort of person who likes interviews, I have a list of links on my website.  Not all interviews are included, but those that are there were chosen because in some way I found them fun. 

Now my question for you…  How many of you guessed right?


4 Responses to “Wanna Guess?”

  1. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    I guessed correctly 🥳 and enjoyed the interview (starts at 3:24 for people who want to get right to it)
    Thank you, Jane! I want to go on an adventure too! Maybe when I “run away from home” we can go on a short adventure together😂

  2. janelindskold Says:

    Sounds like a plan!

  3. Harried Harry Says:

    Running away from home does sound like it could be a fun event. No more worries, no bills, no crying kids or taking care of animals. No house payments. Oh what a new life to live.

    I started to read the first book in the ‘library of the Saphire Library”. What a change in concept. Hurray! This is a real challenge to a person’s concept of “self”. I am challenged to finish this story and read the follow-on stories.

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