Bunny, Treecats, and More

Mei-Ling Dives into a Good Book

Let’s start with the saga of the bunny, and move to news about treecats and then a little more fun.

Last week, I told you about how a tiny bunny had gotten into our yard and was eating our seedlings, specializing on beans, but not hesitating to eat Swiss chard and sample eggplant (plants) as well.

Jim worked hard getting to critical areas of our garden beds fenced off.  Wednesday (after I had posted the WW), Jim’s hard work paid off in a really weird way.

The baby bunny was back in the garden bed, but had trapped itself.  Our guess is that it used the higher ground outside of the fence to jump over the fence, then couldn’t get out.  Jim had the bright idea of using one of our cat carriers to trap it, and between us we managed.  The bunny was small enough to fit in my hand, and very, very soft.

Jim then carried the little bunny off to a park/empty lot near of us that has a fair amount of cover.  I waited to post until today, while we waited to see if it had siblings, but we seem to be bunny free.  The fences, however, will stay in place until the seedlings are large enough that an opportune nibble will not kill the plant.

(We didn’t get any photos of the bunny this time.  The little critter was pretty scared, and we wanted to get it moved before it panicked itself to death.)

There are no treecats in our yard (at least that we’ve seen), but June 7 is the official release date of A New Clan, formerly known to dedicated readers of these WW as “SK4.”  It is the fourth “Star Kingdom/ Stephanie Harrington” book, written by me and David Weber in collaboration.  It picks up right after Treecat Wars.

If you’re interested in a sample, here’s a link to an advertisement that, in turn, will provide a link to a sample.

As for the “and more,” I’ve been doing a lot of interviews.  When Aurora Borealis Bridge came out, I had a request from Shepherd.com to do one about unusual portal fantasies.  I quite enjoyed myself, and found some good examples both past and more current.

In the background, as I type this, I hear Jim clicking away, trying to get some photos of the quail family (mom, dad, a dozen striped chicks) who are currently residing in in the big Russian sage in our front yard.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Maybe they’ll hold still long enough for us to share a picture or two!


2 Responses to “Bunny, Treecats, and More”

  1. Jerry House Says:

    I was adopted by bunnies at the farm. A buck started following me whenever I walked down the long driveway to the mail box. He always stayed ten or so feet from me, but never ran when I walked right by him on the way back. The doe always spooked when I was out. Running an arbitrary safe distance.from me. Four of their offspring always came up to me while the rest adhered to mom’s attitude of nervously watching from a distance.
    When I checked on the jujube tree, they would stay underfoot, grudgingly dashing from under the clumsy feet of the human. They never went more than a few feet while I’d pick the ripe dates as they nibbled on the fallen ones. They often shared the bounty with squirrels who would sit among the bunnies until Clumsy Human came along. The squirrels would hit the woods, some of the bunnies ran to the tall grass, while most of them ignored me untill I’d almost step on one who would move a couple of feet.
    There were many generations of adoptive bunnies over the years. As they matured they’d leave or fall to predators, but there would always be a few who took it on themselves to keep a close watch on Clumsy Human.

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