The Reality

Mei-Ling Multitasks

This week began with my turning in the short story that has been obsessing me for the last several weeks.  The title is “The Owl’s Cry,” and I’ll let you know if it is accepted, as well as where you may be able to find it.

With Bei and Fu and the fate of the five aunties no longer crowding my brain, I’ll be sliding back into the further adventures of Stephanie Harrington and associates in the yet-untitled fifth Star Kingdom novel, which I’m writing in collaboration with David Weber.  A New Clan (aka SK4 for those of you who have been reading these Wanderings since that book didn’t have a title either) is now available in a wide variety of formats, including hard cover, ebook, audiobook, and pretty soon now, mass market paperback.

Of course, somewhere in there, my writing on SK5 is likely to be interrupted as the next Over Where novel, House of Rough Diamonds, goes into production.

What?  Don’t know about Over Where?  It begins with Library of the Sapphire Wind and continues in Aurora Borealis Bridge, available in trade paperback, ebook, and, soon, mass market paperback.  We’re hoping for an audiobook, too.  Nag your favorite audiobook producers so they know you want it!  House of Rough Diamonds carries on the story.

Anyhow, that is the reality of being a professional writer, rather than a happy hobbyist.  You have numerous projects—all of which you’re likely very attached to in one way or another—competing with each other for your time, each with its own deadline.

So, off to see what Stephanie wants to get up to next.  Later!


2 Responses to “The Reality”

  1. Svenn Lindskold Says:

    I’ll be watching. Svenn

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