Regular and Snack-Sized!

When I mentioned to someone that Library of the Sapphire Wind and Aurora Borealis Bridge were out/coming out soon in mass market paperback, she looked puzzled.

“I thought the originals were paperbacks?”

“Those were the bigger paperbacks: trade paperbacks.”

“Oh!  The snack-sized,” she replied, revelation dawning.  After we both finished laughing, she went on to say apologetically, “I’m sorry.  I haven’t read those yet.  I’m not really into kids’ books.”

“They aren’t kids’ books,” I said.  “I mean, there’s no graphic violence.  Except for one scene in Aurora Borealis Bridge, anything sexual is more implied than shown.  But I wouldn’t say they’re kids’ books.  The material is a lot more than ‘coming of age,’ themes, unless you consider the fact that three of my characters are learning that being over fifty doesn’t mean life is over.”

“But colors on the covers,” she protested, “and the animal people.  That’s what made me think they were for kids.”

I swallow a really, really deep sigh, because I like this person.  “The coloring on the covers is because that’s the color of the aurora borealis.  Now, I realize that­—unless they’re presented as aliens, like the Kzin—a lot of people do demote anything with animals or animal people, but…”

“I wasn’t demoting!”

“Assuming?  Whatever.  I’d hoped that given how I handled wolves and intelligent animals in the Firekeeper Saga, I’d gotten beyond this assumption.  It’s weird.  There’s a long mythic history of animal people that is definitely not for kids.  Would you say fauns and satyrs are for kids?”

“With all the sexual stuff?  No!  My aunt has a cup she bought in Greece with a satyr… “The description that followed was definitely not G.  Or P.G.  I’m not sure about R.  Might not have been R, either.

“Okay.  How about Anubis or Thoth or Bastet?

“The Egyptian gods? No…”

“Or various representations of Coyote or Raven?”

“I get your point…”

“Then I’ll stop lecturing.  Promise.  But there are a lot more examples.  And, teaser time…  This actually has something to do with the story.”

“And I’ll give the books a try…”

So, there you have it…  Library of the Sapphire Wind, Aurora Borealis Bridge, soon to be followed by House of Rough Diamonds.  Available in trade paperback, e-book, and soon the “snack-sized” version at the book seller of your choice!


4 Responses to “Snack-Sized”

  1. Kim Says:

    😂. I love how you got your point across!

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