Reseeding and Series

Blue Flax

Our blue flax is now flowering sufficiently that I can see the blossoms from my office window.  These small flowers (about the size of a nickel) need a bit of shade, so we only have this one patch.  However, they must like where they are, because they’ve reseeded.  We have some new plants started a stalk’s length away.  Don’t know if they’ll flower this year or wait until next, but it’s always fun to find out.

Series can grow by reseeding, too.  That’s what happened with my forthcoming book, House of Rough Diamonds.  After I finished the story told in Library of the Sapphire Wind and Aurora Borealis Bridge, I started wondering.  Who actually owns the Library?  My characters put a lot of work into finding the place.  They’ve come to think of it as their main base, but do they actually have any right to it?

From these seeds, the new story sprouted and blossomed forth. Oh, and it gave me a great excuse to explore what’s hiding within the deeper reaches of the Library!  This, I will admit, is how I tend to write series.  It’s a format that works well for my temperament and my sort of creativity.  I enjoy the serendipitous, the surprise, the challenge of the unexpected.

The copy edit for House of Rough Diamonds showed up in my inbox on Monday morning, and I’m working my way through it this week.  Better get back to it.  It’s due out in early September, and I certainly don’t want to be the one to cause a delay!


2 Responses to “Reseeding and Series”

  1. Dame Trouble Says:

    Looking forward to reading it. I liked those books very much.

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