Eleven Years, 364 Days Wandering

January 12, 2022
Dandy Smiles for the Camera

The other day, Jim asked, “How long is it you’ve been doing your Wednesday Wanderings?” 

I checked and discovered that tomorrow, January 13, marks my first, very short post.  January 20, 2010 was my first longer post.  So, we’re coming up on twelve years.

During that time, I haven’t missed a week.

The Wednesday Wanderings are definitely wandery.  I wander on about everything from the birds in our yard to the garden to places we’ve been and, of course, about my work and writing in general.  Some of the columns about writing have been collected in a short book called Wanderings on Writing.

There are also, possibly, too many pictures of cats, guinea pigs, birds, lizards, as well as our garden, almost all taken by my husband, Jim Moore.

This coming year, as I mentioned last week, I have three books coming out in six months (Library of the Sapphire Wind, February; Aurora Borealis Bridge, April; A New Clan, with David Weber, June).  So, the WW will definitely have announcements about book releases, if I’ll be attending any cons, doing book events (virtual and otherwise), and the like.

It’s also a great place for you to ask your questions about my books, writing, and the like.

Also on the same site…  For seven years, Alan Robson of New Zealand and I collaborated on the Thursday Tangents.  He and I continue to correspond, and a little kiwi told me that a complete e-book with all the Thursday Tangents is in the works.

Somewhere in there, I added in the Friday Fragments: a more or less inclusive list of what I’m reading.  That’s still on-going.

If you want more, I erratically post to Twitter @JaneLindskold, and on Facebook. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these twelve years as much as I have, and I look forward to continuing these pieces into 2022.

A Scattering of Stuff

October 22, 2014

Last week was a busy swirl.  I can hardly sort day from day.  Still, if you join me in imagining these as sort of like Muppet News Flashes, I think I can get through.

Tomato Plants: This Will Make Sense by the End

Tomato Plants: This Will Make Sense by the End

News Flash: I’ve been invited to be Guest of Honor at the 2015 Conduit in Salt Lake City.  It’s over Memorial Day weekend, May 22 to 24.  We’re already planning some special events, so it should be a great time.  I hope some of you will be able to join us.

News Flash: The release date for Artemis Invaded has been finalized.  Look for it June 30, 2015.

News Flash: Wanderings on Writing is nearly done.  We’re messing around with fonts for page headers and looking for potential printer errors.  The cover looks great and I’m pleased with the contents, too.

News Flash: I’ve started constructing the manuscript for the book of short stories you folks requested several months back.   In addition to an introduction, each story will have its own afterpiece, talking a bit about what went into each story.  Writing these has been a real trip down Memory Lane for me since, in many cases, over twenty years have passed since the story was published.

I’m starting with some very early pieces, then will do some skipping around.  What’s been really fascinating is how many people have said, “Are you going to include such and such story?”  It’s interesting to find out which stories have remained vivid in reader’s minds.  So far “Jeff’s Best Joke,” “Keep the Dog Hence,” “The Travails of Princess Stephen,” and “Hunting the Unicorn” have been requested.  Any others?

I’ve been debating on whether to include previously published original stories set in the universes of my Firekeeper novels, The Buried Pyramid, and Changer.  Many fans of these novels never saw these stories.  What do you think?

In case you wondered, I’m not including any of the stories I wrote for someone else’s universe.  I’m debating including these in another collection.  I’m also not going to include any of my short stories with continuing characters (such as the “Albuquerque Adepts” or Andrasta).

News Flash: Remember you can download my most recent short story, “Born from Memory” for free from the Science and Fantasy Fiction website.

Since we recently acquired a bunch of new readers, let me mention a few projects related to my work that you can download for little or nothing.  Here’s a short list:

Thursday Tangents free ebook, with original introductions by me and Alan Robson.  Alan supplies a table of contents here or you can go to “My Books” for a free download.

What would you be if you lived on Artemis?” quiz.

“My Love is Like a Panther Swift,” an original song by Chad Merkley, based on and expanded from lyrics that appear in Artemis Awakening.

Various interviews, both audio only and film are available via my website.  Links here.

For less than a dollar you can download several original short stories, including “Hamlet Revisited” and “Servant of Death” from Snackreads.

And the Captain Allie stories, individually, or in the collection Star Messenger, available via my website bookstore, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon.com.

If you feel like spending a little more, my novels Changer and Changer’s Daughter (originally published as Legends Walking) are now available both as e-books and print on demand.  Want your book signed?  Go to my website bookstore and order from there.

News Flash: I’ve recently started Twittering @JaneLindskold.

Also, my author page on Facebook is a great place to go for reminders about contests or on-going projects like the A Night in the Lonesome October book club that’s still on-going (and getting really intense now) on Twitter.  #LonesomeOctober

Wow!  I believe I’m “newsed out”!  It’s a lovely autumn day here and, although the frosts at night have been nibbling at the leaves of my squash and basil, I still have a pretty nice garden.  I think I’ll step outside and pick tomatoes.

I forgot to buy bacon this week.  I really need to do so while we can still make BCR’s – bacon, Swiss chard, and Roma tomato sandwiches!