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Reviewing Options for Immortality

One Response to “immortals-2”

  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    I Am A Prudent Believer Through and through!! I’m willing to help people and animals too. Art is a ongoing conversation that the future is having with the past. Having faith in yourself is what helps reach the finish line others trusting you is just a great reward. Courage, patience, and music can all be a guidance. True doing the right thing matters, but it’s not the same choice for everybody, so do your best to be the real you. Do your best to stay steady and alert at the same time, it’s a wise way to gain strength. And yes absolutely be loyal to yourself and have self-acceptance too. The universe is a mystery for sure, so to make things easier the lord accepts that we all learn in a different way. Remember who you are every time you’re choosing a new path. Knowledge is freedom, and your worth is in the act.

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